Brightwell Dispensers

A round-the-clock operation during COVID-19

Scope of work

Brightwell Dispensers is a global independent designer and manufacturer of innovative soap, paper and chemical dispensing systems for the hygiene and cleaning industry. They export their products to over 85 countries and are known for supplying their customers with high-quality products.

As the global demand for soap and paper dispensers grew Brightwell Dispensers reacted to the higher demand for soap and hand sanitising dispensers with increased production of their components and products. To ensure that they had enough components to build their dispensers, they commissioned WSM Plastics to produce new tooling, so Brightwell Dispensers could run the production of their dispensers on multiple injection moulding machines. In addition to the production of new tooling, the customer also asked WSM Plastics to manufacture various plastic components for their dispensers.

Services delivered to Brightwell Dispensers

Delivered services: Tool making and plastic injection moulding production

In a record time of eight weeks, WSM Plastics produced 75 new tools for Brightwell Dispensers, to be used for their spray and lotion touch-free and manual soap and hand sanitiser dispensers. Additionally, WSM Plastics manufactured over 25 million sub-components for their dispensers and went to a 24/7 shift pattern within three days of being given notice to run the production.

“WSM Plastics always supply us with the best quality service and solution. During the COVID-19 pandemic, we asked them to support us with the production of new tooling and components for our dispensers. They successfully adapted to our requirements within three days to supply us with the necessary tools and plastic components. I’m very pleased with the service they provide.”

Alan McElwaine – Group Technical Manufacturing Manager, Brightwell Dispensers

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