Harvey Water Softeners

A Successful Partnership in Action

Harvey Water Softeners


Over 20 years ago Harvey Water Softeners (HWS) approached WSM Plastics asking for support with their tool making and injection moulding manufacturing processes. Since then the partnership has continued to grow and WSM Plastics has been their key injection moulding partner for over 20 years. WSM Plastics is manufacturing the majority of Harvey Water Softener’s plastic injection moulding components for all of HWS water softener range, as well as parts for their filtration system.

Company profile – Harvey Water Softeners

Harvey Water Softeners are one of the largest water softener manufacturer in Europe and started their business 40 years ago. They design and build thousands of domestic water softeners and are the leading manufacture of non-electric water softeners in the UK and Europe. They sell directly to end consumers and small commercial businesses.

“The team at WSM Plastics will always strive in improving processes and working to make the highest quality product in the most efficient way. WSM Plastics always looks to work in a partnership with their customers, making it a great business relationship.”

Gavin Bridger – Head of Manufacturing Operations at Harvey Water Softeners

Scope of work

Harvey Water Softeners have implemented huge changes in their manufacturing process over the past few years. They are using the latest technology to make big innovations in their production process, and they have big plans for the future too. They decided to focus on their core capabilities – the manufacturing of water softeners. They do not have their own injection moulding machines to manufacture the necessary plastic components for their water softeners, and have decided to outsource the plastic injection moulding production to WSM Plastics.

Focusing on core capabilities to increase efficiencies

Harvey Water Softeners is the expert in the production of water softeners and WSM Plastics is an expert in tool making and injection moulding production which makes an ideal partnership. Harvey Water Softener is relying on WSM’s 40 years of experience in the tool making and plastic injection moulding industry. As part of the production WSM Plastics has been advising Harvey Water Softeners on the required polymers to use, tools to produce, the entire injection moulding process, as well as all the required injected moulded sub-components. WSM Plastics is not only a supplier but also an extension to their business.

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