20 July 2023

Job Opportunity: Injection Mould Toolmaker

Your chance to join a growing global business...


At WSM Industries we pride ourselves on making first-class injection mould tools to service the needs of our customers. As part of the Lasatec group we are now finding ourselves involved with global projects as well as supporting the UK members of the group, designing, building new tooling and servicing their existing production tooling.

This is coupled with the existing business of our own in-house mould shop, which also requires the design and manufacture of new tooling, whilst keeping production tooling serviced to the same high standard to produce moulded components for our varied customer base. 

Being a growing and forward-thinking company brings its own challenges such as meeting the need for an abundance of tooling and servicing requirements within an exciting and fluid environment.

With this in mind, we are looking to recruit an experienced injection mould toolmaker.

The successful candidate will have the skills needed to be able to work through the modification, repair & servicing of existing tooling whilst also having the skills and experience to produce new tooling. Our tooling ranges from 250 – 3,000 kg.


The skills required for this role are highlighted below:

We are looking for confident, keen and enthusiastic employees who want to be an integral part of a highly skilled team as the business looks to expand and increase our capabilities for the future.

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