16 August 2023

How to choose an injection mould tooling partner

When deciding on an injection moulding supplier, there are several factors to consider, including polymer selection, design capabilities, quality management...

When deciding on an injection moulding supplier, there are several factors to consider, including polymer selection, design capabilities, quality management and post moulding services.

Polymer Selection

Polymer selection is an important part of injection moulding so when looking at suppliers it is key to identify whether they can assist with polymer selection. There are different types of synthetic plastics that include:

There are different benefits of each type of polymer so it is important for suppliers to be able to inform and advise on what is suitable per the job requirements.

Design Capabilities and In-house Tool Making

When selecting an injection moulding supplier, it is beneficial to choose one that has design capabilities and in-house tool making facilities. This means that the process of injection moulding including the design stage and tool making is done under one roof. This makes it easier for teams to communicate at each stage of the process and it eliminates possible delays and encourages less room for mistakes.

Certified Quality Management System

Quality Management Systems (QMS) were designed to help organisations meet the needs of customers and key stakeholders. A QMS is a formal system that documents the processes, procedures and responsibilities in order to successfully achieve the aims of a project, whether this is tool making or injection moulding. A recognised international QMS system is ISO 9001 and is based on 7 quality management principles, which include having a strong customer focus, the involvement of top management, and a drive for continual improvement.

Post Moulding Services

Services don’t stop once the parts are made. Ultrasonic welding is a technique commonly used in the plastic injection moulding industry to join two components together with high-frequency ultrasonic vibrations. The finished product consists of glue-less joints free from connective bolts, screws or fastenings.

One of the biggest benefits of ultrasonic welding is that it is a cost-effective way to join parts, and helps designers overcome design constraints sometimes experienced with other joining methods. Our ultrasonic welding facilities can weld a variety of thermoplastic components. The equipment provides a high degree of reliability and repeatability and can be used for other functions including riveting, swaging and inserting.

Pad printing can add detail to your product to increase usability, add a personal touch and is a useful way of emphasising certain parts of the product. For example, you can pad print safety features onto a device to illustrate the correct operation to users.

At WSM Plastics, we have two colour pad printing in-house and have an established supply chain for Painting, RFI Coating and other special finishing operations. The flexibility of pad printing allows us to print high-resolution, defined designs onto almost any product regardless of size or shape, while the variety of inks available means that we can match the colours to suit your company’s corporate colours and branding guidelines.

The benefits of Project Management

Project management is put in place with the aim of increasing customer satisfaction. A project manager helps deliver the desired results of a project, whilst avoiding any unexpected costs and meeting the set deadlines. A project manager will also outline the risks of the project and work to mitigate them. Effective project management delivers project updates and information to the internal personnel and acts as a go-between with the client and the company. This decreases confusions and increases successful project completion.

Ranging machine sizes for flexibility

Injection moulding machines are referred to in their clamp tonnage, the tonnage will determine the size and number of cavities that can be produced. The bigger the tonnage means a larger component with a higher number of cavities that can be produced. For example a small machine has a 22 tonne clamp tonnage and a large machine has a 650 tonne clamp.

To find out how WSM plastics can support you through the injection moulding process, contact us today and we will be happy to support your needs.