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Tool Making

An elite service

WSM INDUSTRIES’ global tool room facilities are equipped with cutting-edge machinery for bespoke mould tooling solutions. We work closely with you during each stage of the tooling process, from component design through Design for Manufacture (DFM) and Mould Flow Analysis (MFA) to the construction of bespoke tooling solutions. Meanwhile, we provide routine maintenance of existing tools on request.

Once complete, tooling is moved to our production mould shop to run the first trials and process validation. Here, the mechanical functions of the tooling are checked before we carry out a full process evaluation on the component and material. During tool sign off, WSM INDUSTRIES’ quality team – in collaboration with the customer – checks the components for dimensional accuracy and functionality.

Tool transfer: reshoring services

WSM INDUSTRIES is fully equipped to manage every aspect of tool transfer projects, including inspection, refurbishment and adaption to uk equipment. With a drive towards reshoring, WSM INDUSTRIES offers a complete tool transfer service, beginning with the inspection of tools upon receipt. Tools are then validated for UK production, with water fittings and electronics replaced where required.

WSM INDUSTRIES can fit tools out with adaptor plates on request as well as running trials and first offs plus project management services. Lead times are dependent on the size of the project and the level of work involved, but typically we can validate between 20 and 30 tools per week.

Discover the WSM INDUSTRIES difference and experience the unparalleled quality and craftsmanship that has set us apart in the world of plastics manufacturing.